Maker movement, crowd funding, and crowd lending, is perceived mainly as a peer-to-peer movement. Yet, it’s not limited to individuals helping each other alone. Companies. Both large and small are replicating the same strategies and tactics to improve their own business. Companies themselves are becoming like peers collectively tapping into this collaborative space. Ten years ago, with the rise of social networks like Myspace, Friendster and Facebook, we saw companies becoming frustrated because they were not able to participate in these peer-to-peer social networks. As a response, we saw the rise of branded, online communities emerge, such as Lithium.

Jive, Telligent, Chatter, and Mzinga

Today, a majority of corporations have their own branded, online forum or community for employees, partners, or customers. This same progression is now happening with the Collaborative Economy Regardless of peer-to-peer or business-to-business, tenets of the movement include: 1) Activating idle resources for India Email List usage, therefore reducing waste. 2) A paradigm of access versus ownership, therefore reducing ownership as people get what they need on-demand. 3) Using technology to find these idle resources, then accessing the internet of things, mobile devices, social networks, online marketplaces, digital reputations, and online payment systems.

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The Collaborative Economy

For Business-to-Business Here are a few examples. (Feel free to add more to the comments section.) For those new to the space, associations are provided, so it’s easy to understand how the company is replicating a B2C Malaysia Email List solution for B2B. Example: “the Airbnb for supply chain.” Localmotion replicates Zipcar features, so any company can enable car and vehicle sharing. Their software reduces the need for keys so that employees can access shared resources by using digital badges to access fleet vehicles. TwoGo, SAP’s ridesharing software, enables workers to rideshare, reducing global waste, cars on the road, and parking snafus at the corporate office while encouraging .

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