Economy is impacting the Energy Sector

It powers our transportation, logistics, industry, agriculture, homes, The very digital device you’re using now. What’s the Collaborative Economy? An economic model where technologies enable people to get what they need from each other –rather than from centralized institutions. This has impacted cars, hotels, banks, retailers, manufactures, and more. How is the Energy Sector being […]

Can Tech Startups Appease Wall Street ?

Google, and other Internet companies treat their user data. This concern continues as. The next generation of startups. Like Uber, Lyft, Homejoy, and Postmates, are being taken to court by people like worker rights lawyer Liss-Riordan. Who formerly filed class-action lawsuits on behalf of truck drivers. waiters, delivery men, cable installers. And call center workers. […]

Is the Crowd a Disruption or an Opportunity?

Where people use common technologies to get what they need from each other. This has created disruptions for some industries. But overall, holds much business opportunity for progressive companies. Progressive companies can glean greater loyalty through crowdfunding. Turn to the crowd for new co-innovation and launch their own sharing programmes to expand how they serve […]

Large Companies Ramp Up Adoption

Not only is adoption increasing by individuals at a rapid pace, but the VCs have invested a massive $16 Billion to pad the war chests of these disruptive P2P commerce startups. Corporations aren’t standing on the sidelines waiting to be disrupted, the progressive are leading the charge by deploying these same strategies and technologies. The […]

Ten Ways Mobility Service Changes Your Lifestyle

Crowdsource just about every aspect for transportation, car management, and more. The Collaborative Economy has a branch of commerce that’s being dubbed the on-demand economy. Most of these apps are related to transportation, personal services, or logistics. The transportation sector is the most funded industry in the Collaborative Economy. In my ongoing studies of tracking […]

Ten Reasons Why Investors Love Shared Transportation

By our count, the Collaborative Economy has been funded $25 billion. One of the highest funded tech industries, ever. For comparison, global social networks have been funded a mere $6 billion. Which is just a quarter of the Collaborative Economy. Within the $25 billion funded. $13 billion has been invested in the transportation space. Which […]

The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy

To grow–and established, traditional companies need to act soon in order to compete. That’s one of the key findings in The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, a report I co-authored with tech researcher Alexandra Samuel, released today. The report is an update to Sharing is the New Buying, a 2014 report that, for the […]

The Real Mythical Creatures of the Collaborative Economy

These highly funded, fast-growing, media-hounded startups are the portfolio darlings of any venture capital firm, while this crowd-based, on-demand, collaborative category enables people to access resources from peers using efficient mobile devices. The Collaborative Economy market has received a total of $25 billion in investor funding, but not all companies are equal. The Real Using […]

The 2015 Crowd Companies Awards

Challenges while leading their teams in adapting to, and thriving within. The Collaborative Economy. Their efforts to connect with new the crowd behaviors have not gone unnoticed. 2015 Crowd Companies Awards Recognize Collaborative Economy Excellence. At the Crowd Companies “Main Event” in San Francisco on Oct. 6-7, we presented awards to five member companies that […]

Growth of Sharing in the Collaborative Economy

That’s one of the key findings we shared in The New Rules of the , a Vision Critical report I co-authored with tech strategist Alexandra Samuel. As the infographics below shows, more than 110 million North Americans now do some form of sharing in the Collaborative Economy. More than half of North Americans now get […]

Should Silicon Valley Fix Its Image Problem?

Sentiment from outsiders. The question is, does Silicon Valley want to fix this image problem? Decades ago, before it was called Silicon Valley. It was an area abundant with fruit and flower farms, redwood harvesting, and scattered towns connected via dirt roads. This fruitful area has also blossomed into computer chips. Hard drive platters, networking […]

How To Use Price to Compete

There’s one aspect of your product or service that you might want to re-evaluate: your price. As we revealed in The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, a report I co-authored with technology strategist Alexandra Samuel, cost savings is a key driver in the growth of the collaborative economy–the economic phenomenon where people get the […]