Telephone Numbers: A Guide

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Understanding Portuguese

In Portugal, telephone numbers follow a specific format that helps users identify the type of service and location. The structure consists of nine digits, generally starting with a ‘9,’ indicating mobile numbers, or with ‘2,’ ‘3,’ ’21,’ or ’22,’ indicating fixed lines in various regions. Here’s a breakdown:

Mobile Numbers:
Portuguese mobile numbers start with ‘9’ and are followed by seven digits (e.g., 9XX XXX XXX). These numbers are used for personal mobile phones and are portable between different network operators.

Fixed Line Numbers:
Fixed line numbers in Portugal can begin with ‘2’ (e.g., Lisbon India WhatsApp Number and Porto), ‘3’ (e.g., Braga and Coimbra), or ’21’/’22’ (e.g., metropolitan Lisbon and Porto areas). The structure typically includes a total of nine digits (e.g., 2XX XXX XXX).

Special Numbers:
Certain services in Portugal have special prefixes:



  • Emergency Services: 112
  • Directory Assistance: 118
  • Premium Rate Services: Start with ’70’ or ’80’

International Dialing:
To call Portugal from abroad, dial the international access code, follow Colombia number dataed by Portugal’s country code (351), and then the nine-digit local number.

Understanding Portuguese telephone numbers helps both residents and visitors navigate communication efficiently. Whether you’re calling a friend’s mobile or a local business, knowing the correct format ensures seamless connectivity across the country. For more detailed information, consult your service provider or visit official telecommunic


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