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NCG and Liberbank  KPMG to Ibercaja,Bankinter Catalunya Banc  Unicaja and Deloitte . Problems in appraisals As El Confidencial Digital has learn these stress tests on banks are generating internal tensions in the audits . The problem, as some workers have report to their superiors, is twofold: — On the Iran Phone Number List  one hand, they complain that the equipment assign to this task is not sufficient . The workload is high, since they have to value the so-call APR (risk weight assets) of the banks. An “enormous” task, which provokes protests among employees. — In addition, there are complaints that some of the personnel assign to appraise assets are not experts in this function . They are, explain the sources consult by ECD , young , inexperience professionals and, for the most part, recently graduat from university.

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Their work is carri out with precision and professionalism. Some workers have even had to carry out an evaluation of a block of flats using the Internet . Later he verifie that his appraisal was not well done . exp-player-logo What saints are celebrat today List complete saints list As we say, these consulting firm employees have already convey Armenia Phone Number List  these complaints to their superiors. However, the problem that some have encounter is that they do not have more time to do the work again, since the results have to be ready at the end of the summer. The proceure to follow The procedure for the so-call comprehensive assessment of banking is as follows. This examination includes, according to the sources consult by ECD , a supervisory risk assessment, asset quality analysis or AQR and resistance tests or stress .

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