Reading all the buzzwords on a single page. Impress your colleagues at the co-working spot. Your tatted Lyft drivers, and your hot Tinder dates with your immense knowledge on. The latest hipster technology terms. New terms and phrases emerge as new movements are born. The purpose of this post is to help clarify, from one single location. S ome of the jargon you may hear out in the industry. I plan to update it, along with your help, with submissions in the comments, to serve as a reference for our collective work. At the bottom of this post, you can access links to existing glossaries that cover more well-known terms like Collaborative Economy, A Glossary Sharing Economy.

Maker Movement

Crypto-currencies, P2P Lending, crowdfunding and more. The purpose of this post is to focus on emerging terms that are not so commonly known. A Glossary of Emerging Terms of the Collaborative Economy: Access Japan Email list over Ownership: A transaction style where individuals have access to goods, products and services via on-demand models instead of ownership. Common business models include rental, delivery, subscription, membership and others. I first learned of this from Lisa Gansky, author of the Mesh. Air Squatters: A situation where Airbnb renters legally rent.

Email Data

A location for over 30 days

Deemed official tenants the host is unable to remove the “guests.” From multiple news sources, including NBC. Charity Jacking: A copycat campaign where non-profits slightly alter a popular cause and make it their own Taiwan Email List in order to generate awareness and donations. Example: The Livestrong bracelets resulted in thousands of permutations for other similar non-profits. Causes are hijacking campaigns made popular by other causes. Watch as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge morphs into a Jell-O Bucket or Mud Bucket challenge for some other worthy cause. Charity Jacking coined by Beth Kanter. Fab Lab / Hacker Spaces / Maker Spaces: Physical locations where Makers design.

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