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As with most Digital marketing and beauty and cosmetics an increasingly diversifi market. Another big change in this context concerns the way in which the beauty and cosmetics market. Is expanding to also include men, just think that in the men’s hairdressing industry. Was worth around billion dollars worldwide and that Since then it has never stopp growing. So-call “premium brands” such as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs have recently launch lines. Of cosmetics for men, another factor in the boom in the high-quality cosmetics market. Which is expect to reach very high numbers in the coming years. Male beauty and cosmetics influencers have been instrumental in driving the men’s cosmetics trend.

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Instagram and Manny Gutierrez . Million followers on Instagram are two of the most famous influencers. In the beauty and cosmetics sector, and in particular in the men’s makeup sector. Although the market for men’s cosmetics is still quite small, it can be said to be growing significantly, and the fact. That men can represent the face of a global makeup brand highlights how companies such as L’ Oréal and Coty see diversity as an increasingly powerful market. Return to seo expater bangladesh ltd index ↑ Put the influencer at the center of your marketing strategy. As already mention, the beauty and cosmetics industry is constantly evolving and is increasingly aiming for diversification , as are the marketing strategies behind it.

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Users are no longer satisfi with traditional aggressive and intrusive advertising that promises the impossible. Users today are curious about the details of products, they CLB Directory want to see how they work on real people and find out what results they can achieve. And it is precisely in this passage that influencers play a fundamental role. Beauty and cosmetics influencers are active users on social mia their experiences on social platforms, thus gathering a large audience. They can post cosmetic product reviews, makeup tutorials and any other type of content.

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