The seasoned attendee knows that only a fraction of these products will come to fruition and for those. Wide adoption will take years. Additionally, not all that glitters is gold. There are some pitfalls that both consumers and companies need to be wary of such as “data leakage” as sensors and devices become cheap and accessible – we don’t know Deluge of where that data is going. I just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to identify the trends that will matter to business over the next few years. As usual, Finding Reality most of the showcases were concepts.

Models and Fantasy

Products that are unlikely to ever come to market. Digital leader Sandy Carter shared that she read a report that only about 30% of the products showcased at CES (which has 4,400 exhibits) actually make it to market (this Verge article found a similar launch funnel). To find the real signal. I have a specific approach: I usually tackle the UAE WhatsApp Number Data show floor alone. Move swiftly, capture photos, tweet out a few findings (my followers often tell me info that I didn’t know. All in real time) and take notes. Therefore, I’m also on the hunt for new trends for a few of my retainer-based clients and speeches as a tech analyst.

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One of my strategies

To look past the products that were announced. And instead find the new technologies that will shed light on which products will emerge such as sensors and data types. For example a few years back. I saw the rise of over-skin blood Ghana WhatsApp Number List oxygen sensors and now at the 2020 show there were several wearables that included that specific sensor and data type. The trick to approaching CES: Look for what creates the data, then analyze how it will be used. Therein lies the power/leverage/business model of the future. Notable technologies: Therefore, I was pre-briefed on some digital augmented reality contact lenses.

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