Other ways to keep up their weight training and fitness regimens. Then there are those people who hadn’t concerned themselves much with being healthy. In shape before they found themselves in the middle of a pandemic. These individuals have received a wake-up call from a virus and have realized that they have a better chance of combatting COVID symptoms if they are healthy and fit. They can’t go to a gym but they can exercise at home. Digital Fitness Provides an Answer Fitness instructors have been quick to move online, yoga classes have taken to Zoom. Downloads of fitness apps have risen tremendously, and sales of hardware are booming.

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Between January and March, sales of in-home fitness equipment increased by 55% as lockdowns in the US went into effect. ZWIFT Fitness Why Digital Fitness Is Different than Analog Fitness As physical gyms become less desirable, today’s consumers are finding ways to conduct fitness sessions at home. It’s now possible to have Cambodia Email List a personal trainer in your headphones or set up a mirror that beams a fitness class into your home. The digital options are limitless. Unlike physical logs and journals or standard pedometers, digital fitness trackers accurately record objective data about your exercise program, including the distance, intensity, pace, duration, etc.

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You can easily and quickly see how much progress you’re making and be motivated to keep building on what you’ve accomplished. Value Propositions of Digital Fitness Solutions: Increasing your ability to track and show Canada Email List gains in terms of biometrics and physical performance. A global leaderboard and benchmark makes exercising competitive. Community features help provide a sense of belonging when you’re physically isolated. Live video content refreshes any workout with engaging and immersive experiences. Tele-trainers can provide real-time feedback or encouragement on your physical performance. Personalized workouts based on your actual performance. Or of 2020. Samsung comes in a distant second.

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