ou may be asking, “What powers do they have? Who gave those powers to them? What are they going to do together?” I’ll be glad answer that. They are powerful. They have new powers. And you can see a collection of stats. That enable them the ability to get all the information they need about you in real time using social networks. Mobile devices, and the internet. They can find ratings and reviews about your products as well as your competitors. Compare prices and, now, Meet the have it delivered to them in under an hour from “the crowd” by using services like Postmates, Instacart.

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With their peers, rather than the whole group buying the same product over and over again. WARNING: This will cause extreme disruption to companies that sell ‘stuff.’ This powerful crowd is also able to act like traditional Belgium Email Data companies in their own right. They can even morph into a rental car company. By chauffeuring or letting friend or even complete strangers borrow their cars. In their most advanced state. These empowered people can build their own products and goods, using Quirky, Etsy, Shapeways, TechShop, MakersRow.

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Many of which are invisible to the corporate eye. What it means: Your customers are now starting to be your competitors. Technology is giving them strength. Who’s giving them these powers? Small tech companies and Australia Email List big tech companies are. There are hundreds of new startups that have emerged to enable ordinary people to share goods, services, time and space with each other at distinct local levels. Links on Craigslist (from used cars in Chicago to baby goods in Paris) are becoming like distinct companies. These startups are being funded by venture capitalists who see how “two-sided marketplaces” at scale.

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