The scale and scope of COVID-19’s impact. Now, a second crisis in the form of unprecedented economic damage is underway. The World is Reformatting The viral outbreak has forced the business world to make some big changes. Many companies have found ways for their employees to work online from the safety of their homes. The office water cooler is now on stand down, and any gossip must be conducted digitally! It’s probably certain, however, Covid World that the chatter hasn’t gone away! Why Some Businesses Will Survive While Others Won’t: Only when the tide goes out.

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Who’s been swimming naked – -Warren Buffet In boom times, most businesses profit and look good. But an economic crash will highlight those companies which were operating with good practices that will still hold up. Conversely, it’s easy Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data to see which businesses were more vulnerable to the tide going out and will likely be left high and dry. Moreover, firms with solid foundations can seize the opportunities provided by the crisis to find better and more efficient ways of operating. What Does the Future Hold? All anyone can currently say for certain is that the future is uncertain!

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A roadmap the country and the economy may go through in order to survive and arrive at whatever the new normal turns out to be. Phase 1: Wide Dispersal of Consumers and Workers We are already well past this phase. Consumers have been sheltering in place for more than thirty days, and many workers are doing their jobs remotely France WhatsApp Number List from home. Phase 2: Making Community Health Priority Number One People are already following the guidance of officials and practicing frequent hand washing, social distancing, eliminating unnecessary travel.

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