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The Integrat Digital Also because all these techniques must be evaluat and harmoniz in a single process that responds to the real nes of companies and brands . The opportunity to talk about this topic is the release of Francesco De Nobili ‘s book entitl Integrat Digital Marketing. Tools, strategies and techniques to increase sales publish by Hopli, to whom I ask in-depth questions. Why Francesco De Nobili? Because he is a university professor and researcher in the field of Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation, as well as a business consultant.

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Your book you dicate a lot of space to teaching seo expate bd readers how to evaluate Digital Marketing services. It seems that companies still ne to be ucat in this world. Why? And what is your professional experience? This is a topic that is particularly close to my heart and is an important part of my work: raising awareness and informing companies to learn how to concretely evaluate Digital Marketing services. “ In fact, I have the opportunity to have a unique vision, not working exclusively for a specific agency, since my “super partes” role as a researcher allows me to understand their way of working behind the scenes, but above all, I see what it happens within companies and their problems.

Francesco De Nobili

University professor, researcher and business CLB Directory consultant The information problem is a very vast question that a short interview is not enough to answer, but I will try to summarize it briefly given my experience. The first problem is organizational: too often the choice of external services is entrust to just one company area, often IT, sometimes marketing or communications. Instead, it is such a strategic choice that it must be taken by top management and affect all company departments in a synergistic and integrat manner: only in this way can it be transform into true Digital Transformation.

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