People are crowdfunding, making, sharing, collaborating, all kinds of their things in life. Some are getting food on-demand, rather than going to traditional grocery stores or restaurants. The world is speeding up, and people are transacting between each other, or rapid-delivery services. We expect this to continue to accelerate as the funding from VCs dwarfs many markets, adoption rates are doubling, and the media has endless coverage over this collaborative movement. To help make sense of this dizzying environment, we attempted to take a snapshot of this world in motion, to try to find out what a single day comprises of.


A Day in the Life of the Collaborative Economy (Ver 1.2) ADayInTheLifeF3 Data Methodology and Sources Data was aggregated from online sources, first, then in many cases, I asked for clarification from startups contacts that I know. All data was from 2013-2014 sources. Only four of the eighteen sources are from 2013. Some Germany Email List companies declined to provide data, or it wasn’t listed, therefore we did not include. In many cases, data was annual, or monthly, and we divided to find out an average daily rate. In many cases, companies would not provide a daily rate, so we had to conduct this exercise on our own. Adoption Data: (far right column) Vision Critical and Crowd Companies partnered to obtain this data.

Email Data

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Sharing is the New Buying. Goods Fon: Fon Corporate website, Jul 2014 Etsy: Etsy blog, Dec 2013 Listia: from recent email discussion with company Food Munchery: WSJ Apr 2014 Spoon Rocket: Venturebeat, Aug 2013 Blue Apron: Fortune, Mar 2014 Services TaskRabbit: Techcrunch, Jun 2014 Elance/oDesk: From email Italy Email List discussion with company Elance/oDesk: Corporate website, 2014 Transportation Lyft: From email discussion with company Uber: GQ, Mar 2014 BlaBlaCar: From email discussion with company Space HomeAway: corporate website, 2014 Airbnb: NYT, Jul 2013 Airbnb: From recent email discussion with company Money LendingClub: Corporate website.

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