On the funding front, several AI companies made waves. With many reaching that coveted unicorn status. As we step into September. The tech conference season, brace yourself for major hyper-scalers and cloud giants unveiling their AI innovations. A drive up Highway 101 the main artery between Silicon Valley and SF, I have spotted over a dozen billboards highlighting AI. It’s clear: SF & Silicon Valley’s heart now beats for AI. My Upcoming Events & Gatherings: Llama Lounge the AI startup event series, SF, Sept 20th (official partner of Techcrunch Disrupt).

Spots are filling up

Sponsored by Noodle and Cleo. Llama Lounge, Nov 2, at Hanahaus in the heart of Palo Alto: Got a working product and site? Apply to be an AI demo company on the show floor. Join the Llama Lounge Slack community for Llama Italy Telegram Number Data Lounge with over 1000 AI professionals (note this link will expire, soon). For those in the AI investment space, I’m hosting exclusive events for AI VCs. I’d love to connect, my DMs are open or email me back. Where to catch me as a AI Speaker or AI Hackathon Judge: Techcrunch Disrupt, SF: I’ll be speaking at “How to scale your AI Startup.

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Use code for a discount. TED AI as a Speaker, SF at a panel about AI funding Hackathon judge with Cerebral Valley associated with TED AI NYC, Private Event week on Sept 25th Hackathon judge at Samsung Next Gen AI Bulgaria Telegram Number List Hackathon Sep 22-23 Hackathon judge at Accelerate SF Hackathon, date TBD Keynote speaker at C200. Women executive conference in San Diego Digital Ascendent, Palo Alto, Fall PRovoke Summit, DC, Nov Your event! email me at jeremiah.owyang.public@gmail Recent Press: Reuters: on the growth of AI in the SF ecosystem.

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