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BIMobject is one of many. The date , location , format have been determine. Pricing issues have been resolve , and a promotion budget has been allocate You ne to sell tickets or attract free participants. You have a clear idea of ​​where you are going and what should happen in the end. How will you calculate the conversion from VKontakte promotion? You control the traffic to the order form , you have create a form for registration through VKontakte , you respond to incoming requests by phone and control the flow from VKontakte. If you haven’t answer these questions yet.

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Write so , if you want him to go to the site , then write so. We fill photo editing servies out additional important forms start and end times. Venue , website , links , contacts. These are so call triggers , ignoring which can ruse. The conversion rate from promotion to a minimum or even put an end to the entire advertising campaign. There are also other additional features photo albums , audio recordings. Video recordings , documents , discussions , materials. If you have a music concert , then audio and video recordings are important to you , if you have a fashion show , then having a photo album is important.

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You have a master class , then thematic discussions are CLB Directory important. It’s individual here. It is very important to anticipate user questions and write complete information about the event , down to the map and telephone numbers of the organizers. Step Determine your budget and tools. To promote, we have already create a meeting , fill it out and issue it. You ne to start promoting weeks before the event , but not later you won t have time , and not earlier people will get tir of you. If you have a series of events , then at least a month in advance.

Have you ever felt that

Have you ever felt that

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