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Mountains of the implementation of Reis technology has a positive impact on the loading and operation spee of the website. This will be particularly felt by administrators of websites base on CMS systems. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and owners of e-commerce stores Magento, PrestaShop, shopGold). In this article, we will present the easiest ways to install […]

Brands striving for success

Brands striving innovations relate to services. These changes must primarily concern components, technical parameters, materials, friendlier service for the end user. An example of product innovation in the food industry may be the introduction of new types of food. Such as vegan products or functional foods, which offer alternative. Ways of meeting nutritional needs and […]

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These tools Thanks to it, you can effectively build recognition on the market, gain a competitive advantage, which can translate into real profits. What exactly does a digital marketing agency do? Positioning Mere presence on the Internet is not enough. An entrepreneur who wants to run a successful business must find a way to reach […]

BIMobject is one of many

BIMobject is one of many. The date , location , format have been determine. Pricing issues have been resolve , and a promotion budget has been allocate You ne to sell tickets or attract free participants. You have a clear idea of ​​where you are going and what should happen in the end. How will […]

How to fill out the form

How to this case, the entrepreneur may return to the VAT exemption no earlier than at the beginning of , because a full year must have pass from the end of the year in which he resign from the exemption. A return to VAT exemption will be possible provid that in the entrepreneur does not […]

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Ruberoid buy the audience is almost the same as the previous one, but your site appears in the search results without the advertising mark. An a sophisticate user understands that he is dealing with a professional. A site that gets on the first page of the search results for relevant queries is a worthy indicator […]

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Payment method in Poland, for example, this does not translate into effects. In most areas of digital transformation, we are below the EU average. Only one in five companies in Poland has a digital transformation strategy, and over half of enterprises do not employ employees. Strictly to perform tasks in the area of ​​digital transformation. […]

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Imagine you first difference that catches the eye is the cipher suite. SSL provides support for Fortezza, while TLS does not. And interestingly enough, this is not a disadvantage at all! Why? TLS is compatible with an improve standardization process that makes it easier to define new cipher suites such as RC , AES, and […]

Lecture by Ilona Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneur shall specify at least what solutions and by whom are consider to be rationalization projects in the enterprise. As well as the method of handling the submitt projects and the rules for remunerating the creators of these projects Lecture by cf paragraph . The above regulation defines an improvement project in an ambiguous […]

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Set up the  To get to know potential customers better, before the sales process gets to the heart of things, commitment is ne, but the activities describ in this article are necessary to personalize the prospect’s interactions with the company, before establishing a dialogue with the sales representative. The result of an updat and personaliz […]

Have you ever felt that

Framework for Marketing Management. How to Get Stakeholders Onboard with Inbound Arrow scroll Look for. Anna Chizhikova Strategy creating a framework for marketing management to speak with stakeholders. Have you ever felt that getting your boss s approval of your brilliant new. Marketing idea is mission impossible? Well, then you are not alone. We all […]