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Brands striving innovations relate to services. These changes must primarily concern components, technical parameters, materials, friendlier service for the end user. An example of product innovation in the food industry may be the introduction of new types of food. Such as vegan products or functional foods, which offer alternative. Ways of meeting nutritional needs and introduce new ingredients into the diet. It may also be the addition. New flavors or ingredients to a product already offer by the company, which will contribute to improving its taste and increasing the number of health-beneficial elements. In the case of the IT industry, an example of product innovation may be the introduction of new software.

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Application for learning foreign languages ​​or a remote work program, which enable new ways of using technology. Innovations in business processes, on the other hand, focus on improving and changing the way companies conduct their business, which may Photo Retouching result in, among others: increasing efficiency, improving quality and reducing costs, such as the installation of a new or improve production line or the implementation of software that is design to support the production process, e.g. through strategic production planning. Not only production, but also a change in logistics in the enterprise.

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Process innovation in logistics may include devices, software or techniques use to acquire materials, deliver products or allocate resources. Thanks to this, you can, for example, introduce software for warehousing or purchasing, or optimizing delivery routes. An example of innovation in a business process might be the introduction of a new production line for producing food from waste that would normally be thrown away. Thanks to this innovation, the CLB Directory company can contribute to reducing waste and create a more ecological product. Another example is the development of an innovative technology for the production of meat substitutes, which will increase efficiency and reduce production costs.

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