Google, and other Internet companies treat their user data. This concern continues as. The next generation of startups. Like Uber, Lyft, Homejoy, and Postmates, are being taken to court by people like worker rights lawyer Liss-Riordan. Who formerly filed class-action lawsuits on behalf of truck drivers. waiters, delivery men, cable installers. And call center workers. Industry leaders have written about how these collaborative economy startups must start sharing value with their own community in order to quell concerns over worker rights. Citing examples of how startups like Quirky and models from. Therefore, cooperatives are paving the way by sharing the financial rewards with their own community.

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That run tech startups. We can all learn from these models. Etsy. A 10-year-old marketplace, features makers from around the globe, and is a registered B Corporation. Recently, the company filled for an IPO. That’s right: Etsy, the social good marketplace empowering mom and pop artisans to sell their wares is now a USA Telegram Number Data ticker symbol listed next to companies like Walmart. Exxon, Coke, and Ford. Etsy’s B Corporation status signifies the organization is aimed at doing social good–not just creating profits for investors at all costs. However, and be responsible stewards of the environment.

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Economic returns to the company investors. According to the B Corporation website. Etsy has a rating of 105 out of 200 points. The average B Corporation ranks 80 points. Which would likely be higher than the average Wall Street traded company that may be primarily focused on investor returns. While there are questions Hong Kong Telegram Number List about the profitability of Etsy. The market appears to be responding positively to the IPO. And it is now valued at a market cap of $2.4 billion dollars. So how will Etsy able to balance out the needs of investors while serving its social good mission? Therefore, one way is by offering creatives and partners. The opportunity to purchase equity in the company before the IPO.

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