Which I’ll be attending. In this new market, many established auto manufactures have shown prototypes, made pronouncements. While young upstarts release their vehicles at CES, all while partnerships between established tech startups and traditional players are announced with great fanfare. This new Autonomous World has evolved from the Collaborative Economy movement: Uber, Lyft, Didi, Ola, BlaBla have all taught us that we don’t need to own a car to achieve mobility. We can summon a car, on-demand, using an app, whisking us away to our location. Without the frets of parking, Here comes  the stress of driving, and associated management woes of vehicle support.

The tenant of “access over ownership”

Also driving the Autonomous Vehicle movement. The pains of managing a car can dissipate. Before we move forward we must acknowledge when companies announce self-driving features. There’s a wide range of features, from Poland Telegram Number Data driver assist (like helping to park) to autopilot features (auto slowing when a traffic jam is spotted ahead) to full autonomous like Google’s car –which lacks any steering wheel or pedals. Learn about the four different phases of self driving maturity in this industry-referenced graph. The purpose of this post is to aggregate the numerous self-driving car deployments in the industry show the acceleration as the next phase of technology disruption.

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At Crowd Companies

We’re hosting an event for our members, and launching a premium report that will answer questions on what the business models are of the future, when robots are more efficient than humans. To track this movement. I’ll aggregate (with your help) the players quickly moving into this Autonomous Vehicle market. Listed in date Denmark Telegram Number List order: Autonomous Vehicle Arms Race Timeline: While many car companies have secret prototypes testing away from prying eyes. The criteria of this will seek publicly referenced articles from credible source that include testing announcements. Spotted prototypes or full blown unveilings. 2012: Google tests self-driving cars in Silicon Valley

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