The entrepreneur shall specify at least what solutions and by whom are consider to be rationalization projects in the enterprise. As well as the method of handling the submitt projects and the rules for remunerating the creators of these projects Lecture by cf paragraph . The above regulation defines an improvement project in an ambiguous way. Indicating that it is any solution suitable for use, which is not a patentable invention, utility model. Industrial Lecture by design or topography of an integrat circuit. In the literature and judicial decisions, rationalization projects should be understood. As all products of the intellect in particular concepts relating to technical devices, systems.

Procures products or services

As well as specific ideas and ideas of a technological, planning, organizational, logistic or functional nature that result in an improvement. Streamlining, facilitating, increasing efficiency, improving quality, increasing savings, etc. In any field of activity of a specific  enterprise so philippines photo editor Legal aspects of rationalization creativity. As an innovative solution improving production processes containing a lower intensity of creative thought than other inventive projects. The separation of which is fully dependent on the provisions of the rationalization regulations so tax practice. An innovative solution consisting of changes and improvements.

Improving production processes

Containing less intensity of creative thought compar to an invention, utility model, industrial design or topography of an integrat circuit , which at the same time meets the criteria provid for in the rationalization regulations adopt by a given employer CLB Directory judgment of the Supreme Court of January. Act an innovative solution, individually defin for the nes of each entrepreneur. Undoubtly, in the case of rationalization projects, a much lower level of innovation is requir than in the case of other inventive projects, but such a project should be characteriz by a certain contribution of creative thought – from minimal to significant contribution.

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