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Payment method in Poland, for example, this does not translate into effects. In most areas of digital transformation, we are below the EU average. Only one in five companies in Poland has a digital transformation strategy, and over half of enterprises do not employ employees. Strictly to perform tasks in the area of ​​digital transformation. The results also showed which enterprises are ready for digitalization. Which technologies are the most common. What is the main area of ​​​​digitalization and what digital management systems are used by enterprises. Digital transformation – companies that follow a digitalization strategy are most focused on the use of digital tools.

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However of surveyed enterprises in Poland do not have this strategy, and only % planned to create it in . Cloud computing – this is the most widespread digital Photo Retouching technology among companies in Poland, while blockchain is the least frequently used technology that entrepreneurs do not even include in their plans. Customer service – this is an area in which the largest part of enterprises intends to attach significant importance to the digitization and transformation of their company. Intelligent technologies – the use of digital transformation is primarily ERP and Business Intelligence tools.

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The general level of digitalization in Poland is not satisfactory. We are still lagging behind in the DESI ranking (the digital economy and society index of EU countries). What is the main cause? Enterprises in Poland are not undergoing digital transformation, and CLB Directory more specifically, they do not have sufficient integration of digital technologies. Carrying out digital transformation will not be as easy if you do not include such elements of digital transformation as appropriate staff and specialists as well as digitalization expenses.

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