Crowdsource just about every aspect for transportation, car management, and more. The Collaborative Economy has a branch of commerce that’s being dubbed the on-demand economy. Most of these apps are related to transportation, personal services, or logistics. The transportation sector is the most funded industry in the Collaborative Economy. In my ongoing studies of tracking market funding of this market, the transportation sector has received the most funding, over $14B, out-funding all other industries. The lion’s share going to ride-sharing apps like China’s Didi, India’s Ola, and America’s Uber; yet there are hundreds of other business models emerging that are related to other aspects of car ownership.

Car management and cars as a service

Here are just ten examples, most which I have used: New cars come to you. Rather than go to a dealership to test drive a car, Tesla brought a test drive car to my front door with a friendly sales associate. They let me Turkey Telegram Number Data test drive the vehicle without having to leave my own neighborhood block. Auto repair comes to you. A local Silicon Valley auto repair company reminded me of my car maintenance schedule. When I agreed, an account associate came to my house in a loaner car and swapped it out for my vehicle. They later returned my car repaired and tuned up. You rent out your idle car, generating money. This was the first time a stranger drove off with my family vehicle.

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I listed an idle car

on RelayRide and a European college student borrowed it for the weekend. I generated a bit of cash from an idle, depreciating asset. You don’t have to own a car to drive a car. There are many services in which you can borrow Greece Telegram Number List a peer’s car such as Getaround or RelayRides from other owners. Or, there are a variety of short-term car rental companies like Zipcar, BMWDriveNow, and in some cities, Car2Go. You don’t need long-term car insurance. In many urban cities, car ownership is diminishing and with that, so is long-term car insurance. If you’re only going to borrow a vehicle for a day or a few hours, now you can be covered with fractional insurance from MetroMile.

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