Collaborative Economy disruptions. Even more business model changes are coming. New autonomous technologies on the horizon are triggering greater acceleration of innovation programs to keep up. Google, Uber, Apple, Lyft, Tesla, BMW, Ford, Volvo, Yamaha, Mercedes, and other car manufacturers are working on producing self-driving cars, and the industry impacts will reverberate. At Crowd Companies, we’re focusing on the autonomous world as the next phase of the Collaborative Economy. Define it asfollows: Autonomous World. A future state when intelligent technology systems.

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Enable new business models in a more efficient society. These intelligent technology systems can take the form of many hardware and software products. Including self-driving vehicles, drones, and other artificial intelligence. The Autonomous World is our futuristic vision, with society experiencing an inevitable “semi-autonomous New Zealand Telegram Number Data world” with minimal human interaction before fully autonomous systems are operable and dependable. That’s right, the human drivers of taxis or Ubers will be cut out by robots who can do it better. Uber’s CEO elaborates further in BusinessInsider.

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Alphabet (formerly Google) is leading the way in self-driving car testing, and today it was even announced that autonomous cars could be considered“drivers.” Meanwhile, GM is close behind with its recent $500 million investmentin Croatia Telegram Number List the development of an autonomous fleet utilizing Lyft’s platform exclusively. Silicon Valley tech companies like Uber, Google, Tesla, and Apple are heavily investing in these autonomous cars. Leading with a technology approach rather than with a traditional Motor City approach. Meanwhile, Detroit and other car manufacturers.

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