Then came the Social Media Age, when anyone could publish online using social tools, including brands. The digital communication floodgates were opened. Today, many companies are trying to get their arms around the Collaborative Economy, as customers use common technologies to create and share products using P2P commerce. People increasingly get what they need from each other. But, our digital evolution doesn’t stop with the Collaborative Economy. While we’re deepening our understanding of sharing behaviors, service marketplaces, and the Maker Movement, the next digital era is emerging: the “Autonomous World.” Here’s an example: Economy Sets we’re already seeing the foundation laid for autonomous vehicle penetration in of the Collaborative Economy.

In the Autonomous World

We see machines replace humans to deliver even greater convenience and efficiencies. The Collaborative Economy lays the necessary foundation for the Autonomous World to thrive. Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.56.46 PM Above Image: The Four Digital Eras How, exactly, does the Collaborative Economy lay the groundwork for new Oman Telegram Number Data business models in the Autonomous World? In the Collaborative Economy, people often access what they need from each other, rather than buying products for ownership. By gaining access to products and services through on-demand business models, customers reduce the need for ownership. Autonomous technologies like self-driving cars are going to extend the access model.

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By enabling cars to be hailed

On-demand rather than having to own vehicles. At Crowd Companies, we define the Autonomous World as follows: [Autonomous World: A future state when intelligent technology systems, operating without human participation, enable new business models in a more efficient society] These intelligent technology systems can Cyprus Telegram Number List take the form of many hardware and software products, including self-driving vehicles, drones, and other artificial intelligence. The Autonomous World is our futuristic vision, with society experiencing an inevitable “semi-autonomous world” with minimal human interaction before fully autonomous systems are operable and dependable.

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