Challenges while leading their teams in adapting to, and thriving within. The Collaborative Economy. Their efforts to connect with new the crowd behaviors have not gone unnoticed. 2015 Crowd Companies Awards Recognize Collaborative Economy Excellence. At the Crowd Companies “Main Event” in San Francisco on Oct. 6-7, we presented awards to five member companies that have exhibited excellence in the creation. Execution of Collaborative Economy programs. The following companies have proven ROI as a result of their dedication and initiative deployment in the areas of on-demand integration, crowd collaboration, brand innovation, and enablement of makers and marketplaces.

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Member success and I, presenting awards at the council event. Whole Foods Market: On-Demand Integration Award The On-Demand Integration Award recognizes Whole Foods’ partnership with the Instacart marketplace Spain Telegram Number Data to provide on-demand grocery delivery services to its customers in 15 U.S. cities. Through this partnership. Whole Foods Market offers its customers the convenience of online grocery shopping, delivery, and pickup without having to handle the logistics themselves. Whole Foods’ partnership with Instacart has resulted in more than $50 million in sales from 160 stores nationwide. And in-store Instacart ads have created a higher lift of product sales.

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Swisscom: Crowd Collaboration Award

With Swisscom Friends The Crowd Collaboration Award recognizes Swisscom’s utilization of the crowd to bolster its customer service efforts in a free online community. Swisscom Friends, run on Mila, solves customer needs by France Telegram Number List connecting them with nearby tech-savvy professionals to provide support for small product/installation issues. In a public interview. The company announced results from Swisscom Friends. Including: offloaded support requests from traditional customer service department. Enhanced self-care, increased customer satisfaction, and the potential for low-pressure sales upgrades. BMW: Brand Innovation Award with DriveNow Car Sharing Program BMW.

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