That’s one of the key findings we shared in The New Rules of the , a Vision Critical report I co-authored with tech strategist Alexandra Samuel. As the infographics below shows, more than 110 million North Americans now do some form of sharing in the Collaborative Economy. More than half of North Americans now get the products and services they need from each other, peer to peer, instead of buying from established corporations. 01 The rapid rise of the raises an important question for businesses: what’s driving the growth of this movement? More importantly, is it a permanent shift in customer behavior?

Data in our report

Which draws on input from more than 50,000 North Americans, provides some crucial insight on these issues. We found that a big driver of growth in the is the adoption of newer forms of sharing South Africa Telegram Number Data services. In 2014, 16 percent of American sharers engaged in only one form of sharing: by buying and/or sharing pre-owned goods. This year, that number is down to 10 percent because people are trying a broader range of sharing services. Looking at the various categories of sharing services, we’ve seen an across-the-board increase in sharing. Sharing of goods is still the most common form of participation in the Collaborative Economy, but there’s also significant growth in crowdfunding.

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Space-sharing and custom products

Online learning, a sharing category we included for the first time this year, is already seeing a 15 percent participation rate. 02 The growth of the isn’t about to stop anytime soon. Based on people’s intent, we’re predicting that eight in 10 Americans will be part of the by 2017–a 20 percent Finland Telegram Number List increase from 2015. Growth of “neo-sharing“–participation in the latest generation of sharing services–will fuel the overall growth of the Collaborative Economy. For every person who has participated in a form of sharing in the past 12 months, there’s a new person who intends to try that type of neo-sharing in the year to come.

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