Only some of the efforts initiated by Moragas have borne fruit. He has managed, so far, to get two high-level Catalan businessmen to raise their voices against independence: the president of Grupo Planeta, José Manuel Lara , and that of Freixenet, José Luis Bonet . Since the independence drift began in Catalonia, Isidro Fainé , president of Caixabank, has been very cautious on this matter. Although he has, on occasion, sent out the message that “better together than apart . ”Meanwhile, the president of Banco Sabadell, Josep Oliu , has limited himself to publicly declaring that “it is necessary for politicians to know how to maintain the framework of coexistence accepted by all within the legal framework that we have.”

Businessmen move in the shadows

Although they do not say it publicly, large companies and the Catalan financial world are the main defenders of the so-called ‘third way’ , an agreed solution that modifies the fit of Catalonia in Spain and prevents the advance of secessionist positions.They have intensified contacts with Madrid politicians and businessmen close to the Brazil Phone Number List  president, and have even sent documents to La Moncloa with proposals to try to unblock relations between the Executives of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​according to what the newspaper El País published this week.In these reports sent to the Presidency, they propose, specifically, a great agreement with four pillars: the recognition of Catalonia as a nation , which would require a constitutional reform; full competencies in language and culture; a fiscal pact so that Catalonia collects and manages all taxes through its own Tax Agency; and full capacity for local organization.

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They warn that there is a possible fiscal liability and we act

Not every time we detect irregularities, a prosecution process ends up being opened ,” these sources assure. Once the investigation is over, the Court of Auditors will decide whether to force the Basque Government to recover the three million Argentina Phone Number List euros amounting to the contracts and subsidies .It is the most we can do: force the return of defrauded public money. As this insider has learned, the issue of the French paper mill could delay the entry into force of the new directive, by adding a new front of debate. Although for the moment the date remains September 11 .Even, they explain, strengthening the project with new campaigns would have a counterproductive effect: it would serve to make the anti-poll platforms return to the fray with new attacks on the company. Commissioning of the logistics base Meanwhile.

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