A report by Catalan banks and real estate experts commission by Artur Mas certifies this increase.  Similarly, he attributes it to the inevitable devaluation of the new national currency’ due to the exit of the euro. Artur Mas under a Catalan flag. Artur Mas under a Catalan flag. Hard setback for Artur Mas. Catalan financial institutions and real estate experts have warn that home buyers will have to pay more for mortgages in an independent Catalonia. . As has learnfrom Catalan financial sources, a report prepare by some of the main banking entities in the region has put Artur Mas on alert. Mortgages will become 20% more expensive The document sent to the concludes that the independence of Catalonia will immediately cause an increase in the cost of mortgages .

Home buyers will have to allocate more financial

Resources to pay their loan payments. The increase recorded by the banks and other real estate experts consulted by the Catalan Government’s economic team is around 20% . The contracts were formaliz  in euros . The document mainly alludes Belgium Phone Number List to one cause . Catalonia will no longer have the  euro as its official currency . They will face the report assures . One of these debts corresponds to the mortgages that many Catalans have signe in recent years with financial entities.

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list is an excellent product.  Similarly, in fact you can reach people in Belgium if you have . Most contracts do not contemplate the possibility of a currency exchange . The Euribor will no longer be the reference indicator Another consequence by the document sent to Artur Mas is that since Catalonia  outside the  the Euribor will Algeria Phone Number List no longer be the reference indicator for the interest rate. Banks lend money in the form of mortgages . In variable mortgage interests, the rate paid usually oscillates depending on the evolution of the Euribor.  After , If the Euribor rises, the interest that must be paid increases and vice versa. In a large number of cases a direct relationship is even establish. If you opt for a variable rate mortgage .

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