Became publicly available. GPT has taken the world by storm with over 100M users—one of the fastest adoption rates ever, thanks to its simplicity of use with a text-based interface, requiring no coding. I love judging AI hackathons, I’ve judged several since spring, and a few AI founders said I’m the most frequent AI hackathon judge in SF, a title I hold with pride, as I love to serve the tech ecosystem. As a frequent Hackathon judge, I’m witnessing OpenAI’s evolution first hand. OpenAI has as teams push GPT’s capabilities in two days. A Hackathon is a 2-3 day event (usually on weekends).

where developers form teams

To build working prototype projects and compete for prizes. While most projects won’t evolve into full-fledged companies, Hackathons showcase the potential of emerging technology and offer me a chance to meet founders for Iran Telegram Number Data potential future investments. A distinctive trend in the AI market is non-technical teams assembling to leverage AI for coding. At these events, the critical factor is a unique business solution to real-world problems or access to untapped data sets. In Spring 2023, small hackathon teams could use GPT to create a simple text-based chat bot in two days.

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Fast forward to November

I’ve judged several hackathons if SF and witnessed astonishing advancements. Several months later, in Winter 2023, small hackathon teams now can assemble “sentient creatures” like a 4-year old, in two days: “Seeing” with GPT-4 computer Bosnia and Herzegovina Telegram Number List vision, what’s happening in the real world, “Hearing” via voice commands and ambient sounds in the real world, “Thinking” through processing the above real-world input. “Learning” by accessing the pre-trained data GPT offers. “Referencing” exclusive data sets using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). “Speaking” with life-like audio voices.

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