The COVID-19 pandemic. The economy was up and is now broken. Supply chains have been disrupted, political upheaval is ongoing.Brexit looks as if it will actually happen. Moreover, many other oddball things also happened such as: In the UK, people began burning down 5G towers believing that 5G was responsible for COVID-19. Murder hornets invaded the US. However, Weird Economics the Japanese have the answer – they eat them! Scientists told us that the Milky Way is home to approximately thirty-six contactable alien civilizations.

Many sections of the economy

Devastated because of the pandemic while others have benefited hugely. Areas that have been doing well include the manufacturers of toilet paper, face masks, bikes, and home exercise equipment (e.g. Peloton). Keep reading Indonesia Telegram Number Data to learn about some interesting. And sometimes surprising, happenings and economics taking place during this surprising year. The Tech Sector Thrived in a Health Crisis. People have been confined at home and have been turning to the Internet and social media in ever greater numbers. More people than ever before are working from home and school.

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children are being taught at home

Leading to an increase in the use of digital devices. All of this is predictable, but the following are some tech-related happenings you may not have thought of: Tech Polices Social Distancing. With social distancing mandated Benin Telegram Number List in places such as construction sites, several tech companies saw an opportunity. For instance, in less than a month, Triax Technologies had reconfigured its wearable safety monitoring device to also work as a social distancing alarm. Another company,, involved in machine learning video-analysis, adapted its software to track when workers bunched up.

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