I have been a technology industry analyst in relevant markets like social media and the sharing economy for over a decade at tech research firms. What Is Social Audio? Real-Time Voice Conversations With Social Features If you were familiar with Party Lines four decades ago. You remember how friends and strangers could dial up to audio-based conversations regardless of location. In 2021, The Future instead of landline phones. Quarantine-limited users are downloading apps for real-time conversations with friends and family. The visual interfaces may vary.

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To text chat integration to avatar integration. Modern app versions contain social graphs. Groups, and other social networking features you find in popular tools like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Why It Matters: The “Goldilocks” Medium I call this the “Goldilocks” medium for the 2020s: Text is not enough. And video is Greece Telegram Number Data too much; social audio is just right. It represents the opportunity for social connection and empathy without the downsides of video. Why is this use case taking off? – humans, stuck at home during quarantine.

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Readily available smartphones

Apps; cloud-based technology and easy integration platforms like Agora; the desire for human connection beyond text; and fatigue from too many video conference calls. Above Graphic: Clubhouse Social Audio Belarus Telegram Number List Platform (I joined in June 2020) has shown explosive hockey stick growth, starting with a small group in beta, hitting the 10k mark and joining the Apple App store, witnessing the Lion King performances, and growing in international markets. Data from technology and economics expert Vajresh Balaji. (updated version here, from Vajresh shows 5M users.

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