Spaces has us reminiscing at my firm Kaleido Insights about the early days of social media. To get up to speed, read my report: The Future of Social Audio: Startups, Roadmap, Business Models, and a Forecast. The tech crowd abuzz with the promise of a new, real-time engagement platform, influencers gathering en masse to share content. And the ever-so-slight opening of the proverbial “exclusive access door” to the public for a peek inside the magic. Except this time around, Businesses Will consumers and the press are much more keen to the potential data risks and platform flaws.

Social Audio

“Goldilocks Medium”, text social networks are not enough, video conferencing is too much, social audio is just right] If you’re a digital leader who is curious about social audio and looking to explore opportunities for your Germany Telegram Number Data company’s benefit, we hear ya! In this post, Kaleido analysts have compiled an initial list of 20+ potential business use cases (some possible today, others on the horizon) for social audio platforms as they emerge. Listen & Learn: Sentiment Analysis: Analyze transcripts of conversations to determine positive/neutral/negative sentiment in relation to products.

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Lean on existing

Social media sentiment metrics as a starting point, adding in inflection, volume, tone, and more. Network Analysis: Remember Klout? Analyze user connections and network maps to uncover influencers, followers, engagement Bahrain Telegram Number List patterns, etc. Additionally, track who goes in which room or space, which content or individuals are they attracted to, and predict what they may do next. Conversation Analysis: Analyze the spread of messages and ideas throughout networks through reviewing transcripts, keywords, timestamps, etc. Use to inform product and service innovations.

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