On their mood, social interactions, wellbeing, productivity and more. How Are You Holding Up? That’s exactly the question we asked 4,000 remote workers in a recent survey to find out how they’re adjusting and adapting to what has become an extended period of working from home. With no end in sight for many. We wanted to know about their physical or mental well-being and whether they were feeling disconnected from others. Were they struggling with technology .The Secret or with accessing information and if so. How was that impacting productivity? Was their company taking steps to help them?

In recent months

Headlines about remote work have focused on remote work fatigue and speculated about workers heading back to the office or not and what that return might look like. But looking beyond that, we longed for insight about the India Telegram Number Data human impact on remote workers and so we conducted our own survey. So what did we learn? We learned that, The Secret among the most productive employees. More than 70 percent feel more connected to their colleagues today than they did pre-pandemic. We also learned that companies that supported employees through more frequent communications.

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Enhanced collaboration tools

Even virtual happy hours saw a return on those efforts. Their employees were more productive and healthier. Both physically and Belize Telegram Number List mentally, than their counterparts who work for companies that did not make such efforts. More than 40 percent of all employees have struggled more with group work than other types of work tasks, including customer interaction (28%), information gathering (18%), and task execution (14%). In addition, group work was widely called out as being a struggle for a wide range of different types of remote workers, including women.

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