AI has always been a key area of interest for Big Tech. But the recent surge of activity in this field is unprecedented. Having been in Silicon Valley for over two decades. I can confidently say that the current focus and energy directed towards AI is unlike anything I’ve seen before. In July alone, and the month isn’t even over yet. We’ve witnessed a series of significant AI-related developments from major tech companies. All within this week: Google: Sergey Brin, one of the founders, has returned to Google to help lead AI initiatives.

Apple: Rumors

Circulating that Apple is working on its own Foundational Model. Rumored to be called AJAX. Meta/Facebook: The social media giant launched Llama2, an open-source project. Why? developer onboarding. Set industry Korea Telegram Number Data standards, and prepare for their own LLM with community approval. NVIDIA: The tech company has thrown its weight behind Inflection. AIcontributing to the creation of the world’s second-largest supercomputer with 22k chips. Therefore, microsoft: The software titan has invested in Inflection AI (along with NVIDIA) and backed Llama2, demonstrating a clear strategic focus on AI.

Telegram Number Data


A new AI project,, was announced, adding to the growing list of AI initiatives backed by Elon Musk. Amazon: The e-commerce behemoth is expected to launch the Titan Foundational Model soon. In addition to Bedrock and Japan Telegram Number Data the Gen AI cohort in SF debuts this coming week. Salesforce: Salesforce announced the launch of Einstein. GPT, its AI platform, signaling a renewed commitment to AI. My friend Clara leads . AI, and shares on LInkedin. These developments are not isolated events but part of a larger trend. Therefore, big Tech’s focus on AI is not just about creating smarter products and services.

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