The bank’s brand will appear on 10,000 vehicles, stations and payment terminals. The current contract stipulates that he must pay more than 6 million a year Ana Patricia Botín’s surprise in London: she has ‘dazzled’ the City and Cameron calls her a ‘super star’ Banco Santander signs KPMG to detect future delinquent clients Santander and BBVA confront the ‘bankers’ Google and Amazon: they will provide more profitability in Internet operations Banco Santander changes the zero commission program: it will charge for operations in branches Barclays currently sponsors the bike rental service in London. Barclays currently sponsors the bike rental service in London. Ana Patricia Botín, CEO of Banco Santander in the United Kingdom, is negotiating an agreement with the London City Council that compensates the entity for disbursing 6 million annually to sponsor the city’s rental bicycle service.

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Barclays image on the vehicles, whose contract expires next year. As El Confidencial Digital has learned from sources familiar with the conversations, Ana Patricia Botín is analyzing in detail the convenience of this sponsorship to reinforce the Germany Phone Number List image of the entity in the country before signing the contract. The main obstacle that has been detecte is that the rental bike system in the British capital suffere a deficit of 12 million euros in 2013 , since the 6 million annually from the sponsor and the 8.5 million paid by users do not cover costs. But in the executive environment, the good relationship between Ana Patricia Botín and the London mayor, Boris Johnson.

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Sponsorship different from the usual one at

Santander Santander UK sources consulte by ECD confirm that the entity is “ seriously analyzing this investment, although the negotiation is not close . They highlight that it is a different form of sponsorship than the one the bank has Belgium Phone Number List been applying lately, more focused on sporting aspects . But they recognize that this bicycle rental service has become a new identifying symbol of the streets of London , which is also one of the most important tourist capitals in the world. The corporate image of the entity chaire by Emilio Botín would be displaye in more than 10,000 vehicles , stations and payment terminals, which would give great visibility to the Spanish bank in the United Kingdom.

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