Only ‘Catalan’ public bank and expects pressure from the Generalitat to keep it. Will commission a market study to know the BBVA considers penetration among customers Esther Koplowitz’s bitter complaint to Goirigolzarri and Francisco . González Send money from Facebook, BBVA’s new offensive against Google and Amazon BBVA asks. Carbures for explanations after the critical Black Bird report Francisco González, president of BBVA. González, president of BBVA. Catalunya Caixa became the second Catalan savings bank and has now passe into the hands of the BBVA group.

But it will carry out market studies that show

The penetration of the name of origin among customers .  Similarly, it will try to confirm in the coming months whether the most BBVA considers appropriate . Thing is to retain the name Catalunya Caixa  the corporate image of BBVA . The Unimm brand disappeare after the integration Financial sources consulte by ECD highlight Hong Kong Phone Number List that the usual thing in the entity chaire by Francisco González is that the brands of the absorbe entities disappear after the integration, as was the recent case of Unnim. BBVA remove the Unnim brand from all branches in May 2013.

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Pressure to preserve Catalan identity

The only reason that is taken . The entity in favor of maintaining the brand. A battle with the Generalitat is not Austria Phone Number List  wante either if it insists on BBVA retaining the entity’s Catalan identity. The Minister of the Presidency, Francesc Homs, already that the Generalitat did not feel any “enthusiasm” about the fact that the decision-making center of Catalunya Caixa remains outside of Catalonia , after learning that BBVA had won the auction of the nationalize entity.

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