It has verifi that acquisitions announce by the company list on the MAB are unsign and it doubts its revenue and profit forecast Gowex scam. Deloitte, KPMG, Price and Ernst&Young are going to make a killing BBVA asks for explanations after the critical Black Bird report Finance, caretaker of the stock, has sold more securities than it has bought Publication of . Publication of . The Spanish analysis firm Black Bird returns to the charge on , the first company by capitalization of the Mercado after the fiasco.

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BBVA met with those responsible for Carbures after that report since its analysts had place a strong bet on the company’s stock. BBVA sets its target price at 41 euros compare to Black Bird’s 6.5. According to the sources consult Italy Phone Number List this Thursday Marc Ribes and Gisella Turazzini will present a second report , or an extension of the first, in which they will return to their thesis that Carbures’ expansion plans are too ambitious. The objective is for small, non-expert investors to have all the possible information about this company . Market sources have explaine to ECD some of the keys to this report that will be release .

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All in just a few days and after the Gowex

Scandal that sank the prices of MAB companies. Previously, in May, it announce the acquisition of the Australian Capital House. Similarly, australasia. carbon fiber for automobile Another key reason why Black Bird will question Carbures’ expansion Australia Phone Number List plans, while waiting to know the report in depth this Thursday, is that the carbon fiber business for automobiles is not yet so develop for the company to from Cádiz is going to multiply her income. Carbures’ strategic plan announc in March 2014 indicates that the company’s income will go from 71 million in to  million in .

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