Avanza, Arriva… will especially reinforce the lines that connect with the coast during the vacation departure operation BlaBlaCar makes a splash on the day of the taxi strike The poem by a relative and a song composed by 48,000 more bus a police officer will star in the tribute to the victims of the Alvia train If you have a train ticket for the days of the strike, do not change it until the minimum services are set Cercanías platforms crowded at rush hour in Madrid due to the Renfe strike. Cercanías platforms crowded at rush hour in Madrid due to the Renfe strike. The main bus companies will increase their services during the strike called by Renfe on July 31 and August 1. They will make nearly 1,000 more vehicles and 48,000 additional seats available to users, especially to cover routes that connect with coastal destinations.

As sources from the Spanish Business Federation

Passenger Transport (ASINTRA) have confirmed to El Confidencial Digital, the bus companies have decided to reinforce their offer throughout the national territory with the putting into circulation of around 1,000 more buses , which represents almost 48,000 additional seats to counteract the lower rail transport services during those days Canada Phone Number List due to the Renfe strike. July 31 and August 1 coincide with one of the most important exit operations of the year. As it is in the middle of summer, the routes that will have the greatest reinforcement will be those with the most demand: those that cover coastal destinations (Levante, Andalusia, Cantabrian area).  ECD that these measures are an estimate, since although this is what has been establishe in principle, they plan to add buses and reinforce routes as they go , depending on the demand that exists.

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As for the workers of a public company

Charge of managing the railway network, 20.68% of the workforce have been includ in minimum services .National supervisors are responsible for validating the information provid and for carrying out any checks and adjustments they Azerbaijan Phone Number List deem necessary. This work is carri out in permanent contact with the entities to ensure that they have all the relevant and update information. Joint ECB-national supervisor supervision teams review the quality of national inputs and carry out cross-border checks and analyses. Meanwhile, the banks develop the stress tests and deliver the preliminary results to the EBA and national supervisors. This is the work that the auditors are doing. 5. The ECB and national supervisors review and validate the results of the stress tests.

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