Unlock new experiences, foster a passionate community, add new revenue, and will be critical assets for upcoming virtual worlds. Digital art by a.pzn, via Pexels With quarantine reducing the number of people visiting stores or attending events, humans seek other ways to connect with experiences they are passionate about. If you’re new to NFTs, read this NFT primer from the Verge. As usual, brands follow the latest consumer trends, and NFTs are no exception. The NFT craze has been hot during the last few months, as wealthy crypto investors are collecting rare digital art.

Dramatically increases in value

Grants utility to premium online experiences, and/or is a ticket to an elite community of other NFT holders. When does it make sense for brands to launch NFTs? They are digital leaders and are comfortable with trying new France Telegram Number Data technologies, even if they aren’t fully mature. If they have a passionate community that loves the brand and what it stands for. If customers are already collecting brand assets (antique products, ads, signs, etc) this is a signal your customers may be open to this. Your customer base is already using crypto or NFTs, this is a technology they already understand and ideally use.

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The brand knows how to limit

The quantity to create scarcity, driving up value. Your company is familiar with blockchain technologies and/or has found reputable platforms and partners to assist. They are ready to offer additional features, beyond just the image: access Bahamas Telegram Number List to premium experiences, discounts, recognition, access to a community, or some other creative perk. –Insight: Some customers have already spent more on a company’s Branded NFTs, rather than the physical products– Proof: A Coca-Cola fan spent $575,000 on this virtual jacket (image here) and other digital assets. What’s that worth in terms of Coke bottles?

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