He suspects that there was subsequently a large volume of investor sales due to a leak of information that cause the  the CNMV investigates company to collapse on the stock market. Gowex scam. Economy ruls out regulating the transfer of MAB companies to the Stock Market before the scandal Gowex scam. Deloitte, KPMG, Price and Ernst&Young are going to make a killing The senior government official who sold Gowex ‘wonders’ to investors BBVA asks Carbures for explanations after the critical Black Bird report Jenaro García, president of Gowex. Jenaro García, president of Gowex. The CNMV is investigating short sales of Gowex shares before the value sank due to the critical report made public by Gotham. He suspects that speculators borrowd a large number of securities that they later sold simultaneously and cause the company to collapse in the markets.

Official sources from the CNMV decline to comment

On this point. But the president of the organization, Elvira Rodríguez, already announce after the scandal broke out that she would investigate a possible situation of market abuse by Gotham City Research . According to the latest  Australia Phone Number List  data publishe in the CNMV, the short positions on Gowex were 1.5% . The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office also suspects that this type of speculative operations occurre before Gotham’s criticisms were made public on July 1. For this reason, prosecutor Antonio Romeral has aske Judge Santiago Pedraz to request this report from the CNMV in which he analyzes whether these short sales occurr . In said report, Gotham valu the shares of the Wi-Fi network company at zero and assure that “90% of the income report by Gowex does not exist” , subsequently causing its securities.

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The two parties held a conciliation ceremony

Last November, in which no agreement was reach . . Banco de Santander’s defense in this case is that R&A Palace did not pay one of the installments for the transfer of the buildings. The Basque group, for its part, acknowledges the non-payment but alleges that it was Albania Phone Number List not given the legal deadline to pay the invoices  Santander simply terminat the kept the money paid up to that point and resold it to demand And finally, a fourth demand clouds the development of the project. It is the one present before the Constitutional Court by and IU against the of the Community of Madrid. The TC issue its ruling a few days ago and declare eight articles of Madrid law unconstitutional for appropriating state powers. For the plaintiffs and critics of the macro project.

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