The initial promoter of the complex has denounc the modification of the Urban Planning Plan and the project present by OHL Lamela, the luxury hotel for the Banesto and Central headquarters The Government contacts legal demand  Amancio Ortega, Mir and Juan Abelló to buy buildings from Sareb Mir, Ignacio González and Ana , denounce for looting by ‘Operation ‘ Message from businessmen to Felipe VI: you have to get Rajoy and Artur Mas together so they can talk about Catalonia Juan Miguel Villar Mir, president of OHL. Juan Miguel Villar Mir, president of OHL.Second complaint against the macro complex that Juan Miguel Villar Mir, president of OHL, is building in Plaza de , next to Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

According to his lawyer Javier García

The judge has been request as a precautionary measure to paralyze the work until the complaint is resolv . R&A Palace is the first company that bought the buildings in Plaza from Banco de Santander in 2006 with the intention of building a shopping center, luxury homes and hotels on that block. However, Santander took advantage Indonesia Phone Number List  of a non-payment in one of R&A’s deadlines to break the contract and sell it to Juan Miguel complaint file by R&A, which requests the immediate cessation of the works, is bas on the decision of the Madrid City Council to change the city’s General Urban Planning Plan to allow the shopping center and luxury hotel project that is building OHL in the area. “The specific reform of the Madrid PGOU that justifies the works was carri.

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That the works that have already

Started are going to do precisely the opposite, destroy the Heritage that these buildings form,” she says. Now the judge has until the end of the month to decide whether to provisionally halt the works or allow them to continue. The Madrid City  Cambodia Phone Number List Council also has to present its allegations about him. “We have two sentences in our favor that we believe are clear. One in Seville and another in Madrid, referring to the Vistillas. In these rulings, the plaintiff was in favor because it was not proven that the label of Special Plan for Heritage Assets could be appli to the project,” explains García. Second complaint This is the second complaint that has been fil against the macro complex that Villar Mir is building.

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