UGT and CC.OO detect support in their Catalan federations for Artur Mas’ independence project. They seek to quell the outbreaks by aligning themselves with the lehendakari’s theses CCOO and UGT will demand that Brussels stop carrying out controls in Gibraltar UGT, CC.OO and CEOE demand that the Government put order in the money for training courses for the unemployed The Government intensifies surveillance of employers and unions to clean up training courses Méndez and Toxo in the last demonstration on May 1. Méndez and Toxo in the last demonstration on May  CC.OO on May Day. This year they have chosen Bilbao as the epicenter of their demands. Basically, they seek to align themselves with the model of confederal Spain that Íñigo Urkullu defends, although with nuances, and to appease their federations in Catalonia in favor of the sovereignty consultation.


Independence proclamations in the Catalan federations

But in the meantime, its Catalan federations have clearly sided with the Generalitat in the fight it maintains with the central government over the independence consultation. The general secretaries of both unions in Catalonia – in a video released by the Catalan Government – consider the current statutory framework “overcome”, demand “new quotas of sovereignty”, denounce attacks on the Catalan “national reality” and advocate  Iceland Phone Number List celebrating the independence referendum in Catalonia. Quell the outbreaks by aligning yourself with the lehendakari’s theses Neither of the two national directorates of UGT and CC.OO have come out in a rush to disavow their Catalan federations.

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A new status for whose application

A Constitutional reform would also be essential. Senior leaders of UGT and CC.OO, to whom ECD has had access, comment therefore that taking the May 1 demonstration to Bilbao also means demonstrating that “the centers are more with the model and the negotiating path proposed by the lehendakari , than with the inflexible Bolivia Phone Number List  positions of rupture exercised by the Generalitat and some of its union delegates in Catalonia.  Andorra-Valladolid: schedule, channel and where to watch the match on TV from the Hypermotion League Meanwhile, the official position that the unions have offered is that the choice of Bilbao is due to the vocation of the unions to “decentralize and rotate” the Labor Day demonstrations, so that other cities also have the possibility of hosting the events. central.

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