They are that have been use in the fight against smuggling, money laundering and tax fraud. The Tax Agency seize million the tax Agency euros in black money last year Antonio Beteta’s bad times due to the ‘rebellion’ of the Valencian government against Madrid Catalans submitte their income tax return to the Tax Agency of the Generalitat and not to the Ministry of Finance The Treasury calls the unions a few hours before a general strike of civil servants One of the planes auctione by the Tax Agency. One of the planes auctione by the Tax Agency. More than the lack of success of the public offer, what is unusual about this case is its object: two light transport and maritime patrol aircraft. However, it seems that, despite the undeniable peculiarity of what was auctione no one is too intereste in acquiring it.

The auction which began has already passed

The first two phases or tenders. In the first, €626,000 was requeste for the first and €659,000 for the second; in the second, 532,000 and 560,000 , respectively. Now they go to direct adjudication, where the responsible Board  the tax Agency USA Phone Number List  must set the conditions. The airplanes are locate at the San Pablo airport in Seville. Although its external appearance is not optimal, given that the paint is somewhat deteriorate. The interior is in perfect condition. They have been relatively little use since they only add up to 9,507 and 13,177 flight hours, respectively. These two versatile examples have been useby the Air Force , first, and in the Customs Surveillance Service, later.

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In this second stage they were used to fight against smuggling

Money laundering and tax fraud . They are maneuverable, capable of landing on precarious runways, allow rapid loading and unloading and Afghanistan Phone Number List can incorporate up to 500 kg of weapons, normally machine guns and rocket launchers . It is precisely this multifunctionality that is the key to its success. The C-212-200 is probably the greatest triumph of the Spanish aeronautical industry. Between the beginning of the 70s and January of last year , when the last example was manufactured  of these aircraft have been produced in our country. Most were manufactured under the auspices of the former Construcciones . Aeronáuticas SA CASA the largest industry in this sector in Spain.

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